How Christmas is Celebrated Worldwide
As many of us are preparing this week to celebrate the Christmas holiday, we are decorating Christmas trees with various pretty things, buying presents for our friends and family, and baking and preparing enough food to feed an invading army twice over.
When Should You Put Up Your Christmas Tree? [Poll]
This is kind of weird, I admit it, but I was actually thinking about putting up my Christmas tree before Halloween. I didn't put the tree up, but I was thinking about it. Now that November is here, the time has fallen back, and we've all had some turkey, we can start looking ahead to the f…
What’s the Second Best Part of Christmas? [Poll]
Everyone knows that spending time with family and friends is the very best part of the holiday season. That's a given. But let's face it, there are a whole lot of elements that contribute to making Christmas merry. Picking out the perfect gifts, decorating the tree, even listening to the same Christ…

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