Hannibal Police say their Anti Crime Enforcement Squad arrested 33 individuals in January for soliciting sexual services.

Police Chief Lyndell Davis says the decision was made to actively investigate those who patronize prostitution services as a deterrent and prevent prostitution from becoming well established in the community. Davis says prostitution is frequently used as a means to purchase narcotics nearby and becomes a driving force in increasing the local drug trade. After arrests of prostitutes picked up last year,  Davis says several prostitutes identified in Hannibal moved back to neighboring cities. Davis says it became clear that the prostitutes would eventually move back in once they thought police were no longer looking into it.

The following people were arrested in January for patronizing prostitution. The names were released by the Hannibal Police Department through a Sunshine Law request made by WGEM:.
• Eric Corrick, 42, of Lewistown, Missouri
• Aaron Leveling, 22, of Quincy, Illinois
• Thomas Barnell, 21, of Quincy, Illinois
• Anthony Eaton, 46, of Quincy, Illinois (Registered Sex Offender)
• Mark Welchert, 56, of Quincy, Illinois
• James Martin, 19, of Palmyra, Missouri
• John Calnan, 22, of Palmyra, Missouri
• Michael Crane, 58, of Palmyra, Missouri
• Jeff English, 54, of Hannibal, Missouri
• Douglas Johnson, 53, Hannibal, Missouri
• Denys Delgado-Rojas, 26, of Hannibal, Missouri
• Carlos Scruggs, 38, of Burlington, Iowa
• Kenneth Beaver, 39, of Palmyra, Missouri
• Kody Wiewel, 26, of Quincy, Illinois
• James Camenisch, 40, of Edgar Springs, Missouri
• Scott Jones, 51, of Maywood, Missouri
• Michael Bareis, 52, of Hull, Missouri
• Andrew Kendrick, 48, of Bridgeton, Missouri
• Levon Mathews, 57, of Hannibal, Missouri
• Luke Genebacher, 23, of Fowler, Illinois
• Aaron Buss, 39, of Quincy, Illinois
• David Shook, 37, St. Peters, Missouri
• Thomas Will, 55, of Quincy, Illinois
• David Spurrier, 55, of Quincy, Illinois
• Phillip Toomey, 44, of Perry, Missouri
• David Jones, 52, of Hannibal, Missouri (Registered Sex Offender)
• James Peterson, 36, of Hannibal, Missouri (Registered Sex Offender)
• Mason Shinn, 39, of Hannibal, Missouri
• Daniel Govender, 18, of Hannibal, Missouri
• James Snodgrass, 50, of Palmyra, Missouri
• Rashad Cohns, 24, of Bowling Green, Missouri
• James Rehmsmeyer, 70, of Hannibal, Missouri

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