Hannibal's new City Manager, Lisa Peck was administered the Oath of Office in council chambers Tuesday by Mayor James Hark. Peck has a background in city administration and community development, most recently serving as City Manager of Fenton, Mo.The post had been vacant since March when former City Manager Jeff LaGarce resigned in order to move back to the St. Louis area.

In other business:

BBQ Festival Concert Approved with Higher Noise Limit

The council approved a higher decibel limit of 125 db for the Hannibal BBQ Festival July 26-28. The event to be held in an open field in the 4000 Block of Market Street will feature musical acts Clint Black and Craig Morgan.

Medical Marijuana Ordinance Challenged

Mary Radel of Herbal Remedies spoke to the council regarding the new ordinance prohibiting medical marijuana businesses within 400 feet of schools, daycares, or churches, from property line to property line. Radel is interested in establishing a medical marijuana business in the Stardust Drive shopping center. However, the strip center property covers several acres behind the stores, which puts the property line less than 400 feet from the Mississippi Valley State School on Munger Lane. It was suggested Radel contact the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding a variance.

Lyng Questions Recycle Fee

Former Mayor John Lyng spoke regarding the aging of delinquent recycle fees on utility bills.  Lyng suggested the Hannibal Board of Public Works consider writing off delinquent fees over a year or two old. Lyng said he does not pay the monthly recycle fee of $1.90 that helps fund operations at Two Rivers Industries.He said there has been no bidding on the recycling program, and the last contract ended in 2009. City Attorney James Lemon said the fee approved by voters is not a donation and is supposed to be paid, but shutting off utilities because of delinquent recycle fees would conflict with state law.  Lemon said he will work with the city manager to further research the issues presented by Lyng.

Bills Approved Regarding Pedal Cabs and Open Liquor
A request by Cool Byke to start a pedal cab service in the downtown area is approved, after an ordinance was redrafted governing “other vehicles for hire”. Part of the new service will involve an adult-only evening ride including a stop where alcohol can be purchased and consumed aboard the 9-person bike. In order to accommodate that request, the open liquor ordinance was also revised by City Attorney James Lemon after conferring with Hannibal Police. The revised open liquor ordinance narrowly passed its second reading, 4 to 3. Council members Bowen, Godert, and Cogdal voted NO.

Bill Passes Regarding Palmyra Road Sidewalk Project

Second and Final Reading was given to a bill recognizing additional funds made available from MoDOT for extension of sidewalks along Palmyra Road, and authorizes a supplemental agreement for construction.

Fuel Purchase and Merchant Services Approved for Airport

Finance Director Karen Burditt received approval for a bid waiver to purchase airport fuel for the Hannibal Regional Airport.  Burditt said supplies of fuel were running low after the City took over management July 1.  Approval was also given to continue contracting with US Bank for  merchant services to process sales of fuel at the airport.

Contract with NEMO Humane Shelter Approved

A resolution is approved to contract with the humane shelter for animal sheltering and evidence crematory services on behalf of the Hannibal Police Dept for the contract price of $100,000 per year.

Budget and Payroll Bills Approved

Bills approving the fiscal year 2019-20 budget and payroll ordinance received a Second and Final Reading.



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