It would be hard to argue that there is a humane way to take a life, but this one in Missouri is especially grisly. The feds just announced that 4 in Missouri were sentenced to prison without parole for their role in the death of a Missouri man who was first tortured with a blowtorch.

The United States Attorney's Office in Western Missouri shared this disturbing press release about a Webb City, Missouri woman who is the fourth to be sentenced to prison for a horrific crime. This kidnapping conspiracy involved 4 perpetrators: Amy Kay Thomas, 40 of Webb City, James B. Gibson, also known as “Gibby,” 41, of Neosho, MO, Russell Eugene Hurtt, also known as “Uncle,” 52, of Greenwood, MO and Lawrence William Vaughan, also known as “Scary Larry,” 52, of Neosho, Missouri.

The victim who has only been identified with the initials M.H. was bound in handcuffs the morning of July 15, 2020. The press release says the victim was beaten, cut and shot at for a period of time and even "burned with a blowtorch" before being fatally shot in the head. The report says James Gibson was responsible for the blowtorch torture.

There are still two other defendants in this kidnapping conspiracy case which have reportedly plead guilty and are waiting to be sentenced: Freddie Lewis Tilton, also known as “Ol’ Boy,” 51, and Carla Jo Ward, 50, both of Joplin, Missouri.

The arrests and convictions of these individuals was the work of the FBI, Newton County, Missouri Sheriff’s Department, Neosho Missouri Police Department, Joplin Missouri Police Department, the Ozarks Drug Enforcement Team, and the Cherokee County, Kansas Sheriff’s Department.

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