I'm not gonna say the word because all of that have lived through the past few years know exactly what it is. Just for your information, the 'you know what' numbers are now spiking in both Missouri and Illinois based on just shared data.

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The reason I'm not saying the word we all know is because it's a bit taboo and I don't want to be put in the no-no chair. Without saying the word, know that Axios just shared data showing it's best to be careful when you're out and about getting ready for the holidays in Missouri and Illinois as numbers are spiking big time more so than any other states in America.

Infographic, CDC & Axios.com
Infographic, CDC & Axios.com

The numbers of 'you know what' present in wastewater is the concern. Here's some non-scientific anecdotal information for you, too. I have multiple friends in both Missouri and Illinois that have recently shared they have the 'you know what' crud again and they're miserable. Fortunately, nothing life threatening for them apparently, but for some groups, the 'you know what' still very much is.

The Axios article mentions the CDC has quietly documented "67,200 deaths" in 2023 due to 'you know what'. No, there are no mask mandates in sight, but I felt like it was prudent to just make everyone aware that the crud is still out there. If you're in a vulnerable group, better safe than sorry.

And, no, I will not be saying that word again ever. Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

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