Breath in....and out, take an online meditation class this Friday night!

With COVID-19 throwing all of our lives into chaos, kids out of school, working from home, constantly worrying about how clean your hands are, we all need a chance to relax and take a deep breath. Well the Quincy Art Center has teamed up with Redbud Yoga to provide us all the opportunity to do a Facebook Live-Mindful Meditation. Friday night (4/17) at 5:30 pm they are starting an hour long meditation, they say on the Facebook event...

"Join Jan Barrett of Redbud Yoga, live, as she guides us through a mindful meditation. Jan will share inspirational readings that aid in reflection and insight for whatever life has thrown at you, she will guide you through your body as you relax and melt away the stresses of the week (or year), and use a piece of art as a center of focus to ready our minds for things that lay ahead....Items needed: chair, a blanket (or two), and your favorite piece of art you have in your house."

For more information on the Facebook live event click here!

For me I look forward to Friday nights to be able to turn on some Netflix and pour a whisky on the rocks, but if that't not how you choose to relax during this stressful time check out the meditation!

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