Extra attention on intoxicated drivers yields several arrests in northeast Missouri and western Illinois.

Missouri Highway Patrol officials say DWI saturations in Marion, Monroe and Ralls counties last month resulted in 11 traffic citations and 31 warnings. Troopers say there were four citations for speeding and four additional citations for seat belt violations. Troopers patrolled specific areas with the goal of detecting impaired drivers and violations that contribute to traffic crashes. The extra patrols were out on the nights of August 2 - August 3 and August 30 - August 31.

Illinois State Police say a roadside safety check in the late evening hours of August 30 and the early morning of August 31 resulted in a total of 24 arrests including one arrest for driving under the influence. Troopers report 11 additional arrests on other alcohol or drug charges and six occupant restraint arrests.