When the you-know-what inevitably hits the fan, you want to know you're at least prepared. Experts say that when it comes to those in Missouri, they're in big trouble if suddenly everything goes seriously wrong.

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Emergency preparedness is vital when you live near a major earthquake fault like Missouri does. Residents in the Show Me State also have to factor in the possibility they'll be in the path of a deadly tornado and history has taught us that flooding will happen every so many years.

Assurance just rated all the states on their emergency preparedness based on 9 different metrics including:

  • Mobile emergency alerts
  • Insured property
  • Supplies set aside
  • Emergency savings
  • Important documents protected
  • Food and water availability
  • Possible evacuation routes
  • Emergency plans
  • Property improvements

How prepared for an emergency is Missouri?

Answer: Not very

Missouri is ranked as less than 50% prepared which is lower than even Illinois and Iowa.

How prepared for an emergency is Missouri?
Infographic, Assurance

We know for a fact that the New Madrid Fault is capable of at least a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. History has taught us that every 20 years or so the Mississippi River will severely flood its banks. No one needs to tell the residents of Joplin, Missouri what a tornado can do to change your life.

What can Missouri do to improve their emergency preparedness?

Create a bug-out bag with emergency supplies if you need to seek shelter if your home is destroyed. Have an evacuation route that would lead you away from the river and/or a potential tornado damage path. Know what you would do if a major earthquake struck the New Madrid Fault region. Make sure your family is on the same page understanding everyone's role in an emergency.

Thinking through what you would do if everything goes wrong ahead of time can give you peace of mind and might just save your life when the next big event hits Missouri.

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