I've driven through many parts of America, but none that brought more trepidation than East St. Louis, Illinois. Illinois State Police just completed a 3-night sting operation in that dangerous place and what they found will help you understand why this is no place you want to be anywhere near especially at night.

The Public Information Office of the Illinois State Police just released details of a 3-night operation from June 20 through June 22. It says their focus was "known high crime areas, violent offenders, and structured criminal groups". The result is a jaw-dropping number of arrests and allegations:

  • Arrests - 15
  • Felony Charges - 19
  • Criminal Charges - 33
  • Firearm Related Charges - 22
  • Firearms Seized - 12
  • Controlled Substance Seized - 28 grams

The Illinois State Police also shared some details of their encounters including a stolen vehicle they found where the suspects fled and air support had to help locate them. They captured 3 suspects with 2 firearms including 1 that had been reported stolen. This happened on the first night of the sting.

During the second sting operation night of June 21, they pulled over another vehicle where 3 suspects fled and all were armed. Once captured, their firearms were taken.

The final night of June 22, they observed 2 individuals walking in the middle of a road and when they approached, the suspects fled. Once found, they both allegedly had stolen firearms.

The Illinois State Police said this was an operation carried out with coordination of many agencies including "ISP Troop 8, ISP South Fatal Four Team, ISP Division of Criminal Investigation Zone 6, ISP Public Safety Enforcement Group, and ISP Air Operations joined forces with the ISP Special Operation Group Statewide Anti-Violence, Enforcement Unit".

It's operations like this that reveal the danger that lurks in East St. Louis, Illinois every single day and it's definitely one place in the state you don't want to be after the sun goes down.

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