A few days ago 5 inmates that escaped from a Missouri detention center were apprehended. Thanks to new dashcam video, you can see the moment that these convicts were captured while fleeing police.

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The St. Francois County Sheriff's Department shared the news last Saturday that 5 inmates that had escaped from their detention center had been captured. This happened when the car they stole was traveling through Ohio. Now, dashcam video shared by the Toledo, Ohio police that caught them shows you how it went down.

The dashcam begins with the first traffic stop when the convicts eventually fled from. This resulted in 4 of the 5 escaped inmates being captured.

The last of the 5 who remained at large was Dakota Pace who was captured by Butler County law enforcement as this drone video on Facebook shows.

This law enforcement manhunt has resulted in all 5 being back in custody and thanks to technology, you can now see how it all happened.

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