It may come as a shock to the hundreds of customers, but this iconic Hannibal restaurant will close their doors for the first time in a long time.

Fiddlestiks Food & Spirits Company have announced on their Facebook page that they will be closing their doors temporarily for the first time in decades. In the Facebook post they say...

"Unfortunately we are experiencing the same staffing issues as many other business...Due to those issues we will be closing at 2 pm on May 23 & 24 due to not enough staff available to operate...This is the first time ever in 20 years we have had to do this."

Fiddlestiks Food & Spirits Company goes on to say in the post how much they value the employees they do have for picking up the extra workload to help them through this staffing shortage, and they ask that all their loyal customers remain patient with them during this time.

Fiddlestiks Food & Spirits Company is certainly not the first Tri-States restaurant we have had close their doors temporarily due to staffing shortages in the area, here in Quincy we have seen the popular new pizza place Pappo's have to do the same thing, as well as other favorite restaurants close early, open later, or drop days off their schedule.

Personally I appreciate businesses being open and honest about their struggles, hopefully we can help them find employees to fill those positions, as well as spread the word about being patient during these difficult times, these hard working members of our community are doing the best they can in a difficult situation.

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