The 2014 Hannibal Cavemen season schedules have arrived. The Cavemen will open the season with four home games in a row at Clemens Field.

The Quincy Gems will visit to open the season on May 28. The Cavemen will then host Springfield, Terre Haute and Danville before going on their first road trip of the season.

Hannibal and Quincy will face one another a total of 15 times in 2014, including a stretch of four games - two in Hannibal and two in Quincy - between June 16 and June 19. The July 4 game will also see the Cavemen and the Gems meet at Clemens Field.

In addition to the regular season, the Cavemen will also host a number of promotions throughout the year, and Clemens Field will be home to special events like the Missouri vs. Illinois High School Game on July 12.

See the full schedule for the Hannibal Cavemen below. Of course the schedule is subject to change, weather delays, etc. If you would like to pick up a pocket schedule, they are available during regular business hours at KHMO, 119 N. 3rd in downtown Hannibal.

2014 Hannibal Cavemen Schedule

The Hannibal Cavemen Schedule for 2014. Call 573-221-1010 for tickets & info.
May 28Quincy Gems7:05Home
May 29Springfield Sliders7:05Home
May 30Terre Haute Rex7:05Home
May 31Danville Dans7:05Home
June 2Terre Haute Rex7:05Away
June 3Terre Haute Rex7:05Away
June 4Richmond River Rats7:05Away
June 5Richmond River Rats7:05Away
June 6Chillicothe Paints7:05Away
June 7Springfield Sliders7:05Home
June 8Quincy Gems7:05Home
June 9Quincy Gems7:05Away
June 10Quincy Gems7:05Away
June 12Springfield Sliders7:05Home
June 13Danville Dans7:05Home
June 14Springfield Sliders7:05Away
June 16Quincy Gems7:05Home
June 17Quincy Gems1:05Home
June 18Quincy Gems7:05Away
June 19Quincy Gems7:05Away
June 20Terre Haute Rex7:05Away
June 21Danville Dans7:05Home
June 22Srpingfield Sliders7:05Away
June 23Richmond River Rats7:05Home
June 24Terre Haute Rex7:05Home
June 25Terre Haute Rex7:05Home
June 26Terre Haute Rex7:05Home
June 27Springfield Sliders7:05Away
June 28Danville Dans7:05Away
June 30Terre Haute Rex7:05Home
July 1Danville Dans7:05Away
July 2Springfield Sliders7:05Away
July 3Quincy Gems7:05Away
July 4Quincy Gems7:05Home
July 5Terre Haute Rex7:05Away
July 6Terre Haute Rex7:05Away
July 10Springfield Sliders7:05Home
July 11Danville Dans7:05Home
July 12Danville Dans7:05Away
July 14Quincy Gems7:05Home
July 15Chillicothe Paints7:05Home
July 16Chillicothe Paints7:05Home
July 17Danville Dans7:05Away
July 18Danville Dans7:05Away
July 19Springfield Sliders7:05Home
July 20Springfield Sliders7:05Away
July 21Quincy Gems7:05Home
July 22Terre Haute Rex7:05Home
July 23Springfield Sliders7:05Home
July 24Danville Dans7:05Home
July 25Danville Dans7:05Away
July 26 Danville Dans7:05Away
July 27Terre Haute Rex7:05Away
July 29Danville Dans7:05Away
July 30Danville Dans7:05Away
July 31Quincy Gems7:05Home
August 1Quincy Gems7:05Away
August 2Danville Dans7:05Home
August 4Quincy Gems7:05Home
August 5Springfield Sliders7:05Away