With the flu season upon us, those that have not already received their flu shots, and would like to get one, need to act fast. After checking with several pharmacies, health departments and health care providers, the flu vaccine appears to be in short supply.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

The pharmacy at Hannibal Regional Hospital does have a limited number of doses available, but they are reserved for inpatients only. The Hannibal Clinic does not have any flu shots on hand. Both the Marion County Health Department and Ralls County Health Department are out of adult shots, as well (though the Marion County Health Department does have a few doses for children from 6 - 35 months of age). Walgreens in Hannibal stated that they do not have any in stock at this time, but more should be arriving "in the next couple days."

Hannibal Regional Medical Group's Express Care, inside Hannibal's Walmart, does have a limited number of flu shots available. County Market Pharmacy also reported that they had "very few" doses on hand.

Hannibal Regional Hospital says that the flu shot is one of the best ways to protect oneself from getting the flu. However, a flu shot will not take full effect for approximately two weeks. HRH also recommends frequent hand washing with hot water and soap as a measure for preventing the flu.