If you want something fun to do this summer on a date, a family outing, or a solo explorer trip, then you need to take the boat tour in Illinois that was just named the 2nd best boat tour in the entire US, here are the details...

According to Newsweek, the Chicago River Architecture Tour with Wendella Boats is the second-best boat tour you can take in the US behind only the boat tour of islands in Hawaii. The Chicago River Architecture Tour with Wendella Boats beat out the Alcatraz tour in San Francisco, the Maid of the Mist at Niagra Falls, and even the Cruise around NYC with the Statue of Liberty!

What makes the Wendella Boats Architecture Tour so special? Newsweek says "Take in the Windy City's stunning skyline as you float along the Chicago River on a Wendella Architecture Tour. Enjoy a full-length 90-minute tour that offers a unique vantage point of the city's skyscrapers and eventually takes you through the Chicago Lock toward Lake Michigan." Wendella Boats has other tours of the Windy City as well, if you want to book a River Architecture tour or one of their other tours, click here!

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Choose Wendella

Don't just think to yourself "Oh I'll go to Chicago and find a boat tour" That is a mistake...There are many tourism boat companies along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan fighting for your dollar but only Wendella was named the 2nd best in the country, and Wendella is the original Chicago Boat Tour Company. Wendella also operates the Chicago Water Taxi, which is a really great way to navigate downtown without having to call an Uber or get in a stinky taxi cab.

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