Lawmakers in Illinois have passed a law that will prevent officers in the Land of Lincoln from helping police in other states with certain types of investigations that have crossed state lines into Illinois. Why did lawmakers pass this law? Here are the details...

According to an article from, police officers in Illinois will NOT be allowed to help other departments from different states with their investigations into whether a person from another state has crossed into Illinois to have an abortion.

In the article, they say "The new law prevents Illinois authorities from complying with out-of-state subpoenas, summons, or extradition requests related to abortion. It also allows individuals to sue for civil damages if their information is improperly disclosed..." The article goes on to mention that this law to protect people seeking an abortion in Illinois is going against proposed laws in Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and other states. For more information on this new law, click here!

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Is this law, a good law?

Well, it totally depends on where you land on the abortion issue. If you are pro-abortion rights then this is a huge win in helping protect the rights of women who come to this state seeking an abortion. If you are anti-abortion, this is another thing that Illinois is doing to help people who you disagree with. I will say it just seems like abortion laws are the wild wild West right now...EVERY state has different rules, laws, and regulations, it seems impossible to actually know what you can and can't do in certain states. Illinois is making a stand as a pro-choice safe haven in the Midwest, do you agree with the stand Illinois is making?

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