Jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs, will be coming to a town in central Illinois thanks to a massive new investment from one of America's largest snack brands Frito-Lay, here are the details you need to know...

According to an article from IllinoisTimes, Frito-Lay is building a 30-acre new distribution facility in Springfield, Illinois. The facility is so massive it will take anywhere between 150 to 200 hundred people to be hired to run the operation.

In the article, they say "...a warehouse the size of almost four football fields would be built along Interstate 55 near the Chatham exit... the Texas-based maker of snack foods such as Lay’s Potato Chips, Doritos and Cheetos." The article goes on to mention how this facility would service the Springfield metropolitan area, and this project if successful could help bring more companies to Springfield as a place to build regional hubs for their businesses. To read all about this new facility bringing hundreds of jobs to the Springfield area, click here! 

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A total win!

This is such great news for the Springfield area, and Central Illinois in general. We expect news like this in the Chicagoland area, but for a big company to make a big investment in Central Illinois, that's great news for the area. I hope the city of Springfield can build off this success and bring more hubs to the city and the area. It makes geographical sense to have Springfield as a hub to reach all of Central Illinois, you are a 2-hour drive (or less) from Peoria, Quincy, Bloomington, Champaign, and Southern Illinois.

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