According to a new list from WalletHub, the best place to raise a family in Illinois in the year 2024 is Aurora...(Record Scratch) What? How did the experts come up with this answer? The biggest part of this ranking from WalletHub is that they ONLY looked at the top 182 most populated cities in the US, so they don't consider towns in Illinois like Crystal Lake, Barrington, Lake Forrest, Quincy, Galena, or Huntley.

There are only two cities from Illinois that make the list and that is Aurora at 59th and Chicago ranked 79th. Credit to Chicago it ranks ahead of cities like Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Nashville, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Miami, and Indianapolis. To see the full list of the best places to raise a family in the US this year, click here!

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So...Is there a good place to raise a family in Illinois?

There are LOTS of good places to raise a family in Illinois, I listed a bunch of them earlier in the article. But what I think we can learn from this list is that the larger cities in Illinois don't bring the value of living in Illinois and raising a family. Illinois IS pricey, the taxes are insane, and so living in an expensive big city while trying to manage the finances of raising a family is brutal, but the smaller, more affordable, and safer, cities in Illinois give you a chance to be successful raising a family in the Land of Lincoln.

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