Ever wondered what snack time is like for foxes? Wonder no more as there's a video that captured this special time from a lady who runs a fox rescue in the Midwest.

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I promise I will limit my references to "What Does the Fox Say" for the remainder of this article or at least I'll try. I believe this is Save A Fox in Faribault, Minnesota. Here's what the lady who shared the video had to say about what you'll see:

We run an animal rescue that specializes in foxes. We have a routine of opening the window to give them treats, and the reactions are hilarious!

She's not wrong. Watching foxes go crazy for snacks is...entertaining.

According to the Save A Fox website, she first bottle-fed a fox when she was 15 and that was the beginning of her passion to start a rescue to preserve these animals. She estimates that since 2017 they've saved at least 150 foxes from certain death. Their process is "prepare, rescue, love and adopt". It's a heartfelt effort to try and protect nature and especially exotics that are born in captivity that can't survive on their own.

Now, about that song I promised to not mention...

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