Good things come to those who wait and that apparently includes trains as there is much rejoicing about a new service connecting Minnesota and Illinois that took 12 years to get done.

I saw Route Fifty share the news of a train line called Borealis which is Amtrak service between Chicago and St. Paul. They report that in late May that the governor of Wisconsin and some other dignitaries boarded the Borealis in St. Paul, Minnesota and traveled to Chicago, Illinois.

The word is that train fans like me have a lot to get excited about as there is talk of even more new routes and one might even include a line from Chicago to Kansas City, Missouri. The big question is why it took 12 years for a relatively short train line to get complete. The answer according to the article is this is made possible by a new infrastructure bill that is helping with funding incentives. I'm no political person, but even I understand the concept that money talks.

The longevity of this new train line between Minnesota and Illinois will depend on the support of travelers and early signs are good as early trips have been nearly full to the point where some non-dignitaries ended up sitting with the famous politicians in the luxury seats.

If I had my way, we'd go back to the era of the big iron horses of the steam engine times. That's obviously not happening, but I'll settle for modern trains crossing the Midwest again. Good to see.

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