Seeing the US Navy Blue Angels perform is considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by many, but Missouri will have two chances to see this elite flight team. Once in 2024 and also in 2025 based on their new schedule that's just been released.

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I got curious about this when I saw a conversation on the Missouri sub-Reddit. It mentioned the US Navy Blue Angels coming to Missouri which I had not heard about. That led me on a search where I confirmed it's true - twice.

This Is Flight announced that the Blue Angels had just released their tentative 2024 schedule and it includes TWO dates:

I believe it's been several years since the Blue Angels performed over Missouri.

I have seen the US Air Force Thunderbirds, but never the Blue Angels. They were the first elite US military flight team I had ever heard of when I was a kid and their show is truly next level.

It's worth emphasizing that the schedule from the Blue Angels is tentative at this point and things can change, but all indications are that the US Navy best-of-the-best pilots will soar over Missouri several times over the next couple years.

On a side note, the US Air Force Thunderbirds will also be performing in Missouri in 2024.

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