When Hannibal voters go to the polls August 7, they will see two issues labeled Proposition A.
Voters should be aware that other than the title, the two measures have nothing in common.  They address two entirely different issues.

Missouri Proposition A is a statewide referendum regarding Right to Work labor issues. If passed, it would prohibit membership in a union as a condition of employment. Yard signs regarding this issue can be seen around Hannibal and throughout Missouri.

Hannibal’s Proposition A is a local issue regarding funding for the chloramine replacement project at the water treatment plant. Hannibal’s Prop A asks voters to approve a bond issue up to $17.5 million to fund the changeover from ammonia-based water treatment to Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) filtration.

Hannibal BPW General Manager Heath Hall emphasizes the removal of ammonia was mandated by a vote of the people in 2017. The issue now is funding the changeover. He says issuing bonds is the most economical method of financing the project. Should Hannibal’s Prop A fail, lease financing could be utilized, but it is estimated to add over $1 million to the total cost.

Above all, Hall cautions voters to read their ballots carefully.

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