Main Street in downtown Hannibal is teeming with artisans, crafters, food vendors and more.

Twain on Main Director Erik Spence says vendor response was strong, with many new businesses setting up this year...

A total of 80 vendors taking up over 115 spaces this year.  They are coming from places north of Chicago, Wisconsin, all the way into Arkansas, Oklahoma,  Kansas, and of course Missouri.  I would say half of the vendors are new to us this year.  We have almost doubled in size.

Spence says one local exhibitor plans to use his talent for a good cause..

One of the woodcarvers, he's out in front of Ole Planters Restaurant, his name is Chris King from Hannibal...there's a great piece of petrified wood that he has carved for a veteran.  They are going to have a if you are a veteran or you know of a veteran, stop by his booth in front of  Planters Restaurant, and tomorrow ( Sunday) around noon he is going to auction it off, and give it to a veteran.

Alligators seemed to be a popular item for at least 2 vendors.  One food booth is selling alligator on a stick.  A nearby vendor was showing a table full of alligator heads from the state of Louisiana.

Familiar sights are also part of the festival.  Tom and Becky and even Mark Twain can be seen strolling the historic district.

Noting the overcast skies Saturday,  I asked Mark Twain impersonator Jim Waddell  if Mark Twain ever found anyone to actually do something about the weather...

You know, a lot of people say if you don't like the weather in Missouri, wait a's not the worst weather we've had, last winter, that was bad......if I dealt in weather, that's not the kind I would put in cans for future use.  I'd dump it on the market and take what it would bring.  And if it did not sell, I would hunt up an old enemy and work it off on him.  Failing in that, I would take it up on the bridge and dump it in the Mississippi...I would unload it... quickly!

Twain on Main runs through 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.