There's a new place to stay in Hannibal and it's a building everyone who's driven downtown has seen. Now, you can see inside what is now a guest house named after Huck Finn's guardian.

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If you're familiar with Mark Twain literature, the name Widow Douglas will be meaningful to you. That's the name now of a new place to stay option in Hannibal. It's the Widow Douglas guest house now available according to Airbnb. Here are a few pics shared on Airbnb by the host Sue-Ann.

Pics of the Hannibal Guest House Named After Huck Finn's Guardian

Here's a snippet of how Sue-Ann described her place in Hannibal:

Widow Douglas, the prime mother figure in Adventures in Huckleberry Finn, is the strict, guardian of Huck Finn. Huck describes the basic nature of their relationship -"The Widow Douglas, she took me for her son, and always provided me a place to sleep.”

From what I can tell, the nightly cost to stay there depends on the day or days you want to stay. You can check out the full listing of this interesting Hannibal place-to-stay option on Airbnb.

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