For good reasons, Hannibal, Missouri loves to claim Mark Twain as their own. The truth is we share his legacy with many other parts of the country, too. One little known example is a tiny town in the California Sierra Mountains that's named after Samuel Clemens.

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Depending on who you talk to, the town is either referred to as Twain, California or Twain Harte, California. It's a small northern California town that does not lack for beauty.

According to Wikipedia, Twain, California's population was a mere 82 during the last census. In 2000, it was 87, but it's possible 5 were kidnapped by Bigfoot. (Hey, it's possible)

It seems there are a few in the town that don't like the Harte part of the name for some reason.

The one part of Twain, California that is agreed upon is that it's a scenic area that is full of places to ride bikes and swim. This is mountain living at its best without crowds.

Yes, Mark Twain spent his youth in Hannibal and his writings are rooted in our area. But, his California ties are present, too and towns like Twain are a reminder that we shared him with the world.

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