(UNDATED)--   Don’t forget this weekend’s time change.*

Daylight Savings Time returns at 2 a.m. Sunday. Your computer, electronic tablets and smart phones will adjust automatically, but regular clocks and watches will have to be set one hour ahead.

The twice-a-year clock change has taken place since 1966, but there’s an online move to eliminate it. Since there’s no federal law on the subject, Hawaii and parts of Arizona do not observe daylight time.

We’ll get that hour back when we return to standard time on November Third.

*Story contributed by Brent Engel.


Here's a tiny "tick" of hope for those of us sick of the "to and fro" of time changes:


(Jefferson City)--The task of changing clocks between daylight and standard time would be a thing of the past if Missouri State Rep. Delus Johnson has his way.

House Bill 340 seeks to make Daylight Savings Time permanent in Missouri.  His Bill approved last week by a House Ag Committee establishes a Time Pact consisting of Missouri and any other state desiring to make the change.  It requires at least 20 states join the pact before the change to year-around Daylight Savings Time would take effect.

The Bill now moves to the House Rules Committee before it heads to the House floor.



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