It’s Draft Day in the NFL. Decisions made today will have a lot to do with what happens on the field in the National Football League over the next few years.

A team or two might find the last part or two for a Super Bowl run this year. Other teams may find three or four players that will be the nucleus of a Super Bowl contender in two to four years. Still other teams may make mistakes that will echo through the next several years.

Locally, the St. Louis Rams have the sixth pick. The Rams front seven on defense is in pretty good shape. They already have a talented young quarterback. The Rams need receiving help, offensive linemen and defensive backs. Trading down out of the #2 overall pick gives the Rams an excellent chance to find help in all three areas.

Kansas City picks 11th. The number one concern for them in my book is the offensive line. When given almost adequate protection in 2010, Matt Cassel was very good despite a receiver corps that pretty much began and ended with Dwayne Bowe.  When Cassel was running for his life in '09 and last season, some bad things happened.  Signing tackle Eric Winston helps.  Help at center or guard is still a must. On offense, some additional help at running back isn’t a bad idea either. The defense was pretty solid by mid season last year—good enough to have this team a missed block on a field goal attempt away from a playoff berth despite all the trouble on offense.  Even with that, quality defenders are always needed.

The Bears pick 19th in the first round. Wide receiver was a huge problem last season and the Bears have already addressed that via free agency. Better blocking is a must. Cutler can do great things if he’s not running for his life. A Some key defenders are getting toward the end of their careers. Help in the front 7 is something the Bears must find during the draft too.