In looking around the Associated Press wire this morning, I ran across these two stories, both from Colorado and both involving cows.

BRUSH, Colo. (AP) - What did the dairy cow order when she got to
the drive-thru window at McDonalds? Nothing - she just wanted a
little attention.
That's what Sandy Winn says was the reason her cow, Darcy,
wandered from her pen Friday and ended up at takeout window of the
fast-food restaurant a half-mile away in Brush, Colo.
Winn tells KUSA-TV that Darcy is a
good cow until she's bored - and then she goes looking for
Winn says she didn't know Darcy had escaped her pen until police
called asking if the family owned a dairy cow. She says they told
her it was "up at McDonalds," so she fetched the cow and took her
Brush police clerk Vivian Llewellyn joked Tuesday that Darcy
"didn't get her burger."

ASPEN, Colo. (AP) - Federal forest officials want visitors of a
Colorado hot springs to be very careful about what's lurking inside
a remote cabin nearby: Frozen cows.
Rangers believe the cows wandered into the cabin near the
popular Conundrum Hot Springs during a snowstorm but couldn't find
their way out. Air Force Academy cadets found their frozen
carcasses while snowshoeing in late March.
U.S. Forest Service spokesman Bill Kight said Tuesday that water
samples have been taken to determine if the hot springs was
contaminated by the dead animals.
Rangers want the carcasses gone before they thaw. Removal
options include explosives or burning down the cabin.
In the meantime, officials have posted warning signs about the
cows around the hot springs near Aspen in the Colorado Rocky