This was on this morning. The writer is Brian Kelly.

TULSA, Ok. (KMOX)-Five Chicago Cubs fans and a billy-goat are expecting to arrive in St. Louis in a couple of weeks, as they hike from the Cubs’ spring training home of Mesa, Arizona to Wrigley Field in Chicago.
The five men, and the goat they bought on Craigslist and named Wrigley, are hoping their walk breaks the Cubs Curse of the Billy Goat, but more importantly, they’re using it to raise  money for The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.
Matt Gregory says they decided to set off on the Crack The Curse walk, because cancer has hit all five of them, close to home,  ”My mom passed away and all of the other guys have had family members pass away, Phil, one of the other guys who’s walking, when he was young he was in and out of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. His sister had leukemia and he was a bone marrow donor for her.”
Gregory says they’ve covered about 1,300 miles, walking about 25 miles a day, “The goat rides in a cart most of the time but when he’s walking some people see it and they don’t even know what to think.”  He says traveling with a goat has its challenges, “He nibbles on everything in our back packs, and he’s always tasting different stuff. He’s nibbled a couple of iphone chargers and headphones.”
The five are living on Ramen noodles, camper meals, tuna and energy bars.  Gregory says they have had a couple of interesting stops along the way, including staying in Las Cruces, New Mexico, with a man’s whose dog had three heart attacks, “Jim, the guy we were staying with, gave the dog CPR and had an oxygen tank and brought the dog back to life.
“Jim would cook pancakes in the morning with a robe on and a six-shooter on his hip, with a laser sight.”
Another night, Gregory says, they stayed in a restaurant storage room, complete with a shower and television!
Gregory, who spoke to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is looking forward to the next leg of the trip, which involves crossing into Cardinals’ country, “I think overall we’re kind of excited to see what happens. I’m sure some people will give us some grief but most people are good. You guys won a world series last year so the Cubs are due for one soon. They might feel sorry for us, I don’t know. We’re raising money for a good cause, that’s bigger than baseball or any team.”
When they get to St. Louis, Gregory says they’d like to go to a Cardinals’ game, and are hoping to make a special stop,  ”We thinking about trying to set something up where we can go to a children’s hospital and bring the goat and (see) some kids fighting cancer or something. They’d probably get a kick out of it.”
Gregory says they plan on arriving at Wrigley Field on May 28th, when the Cubs host the San Diego Padres, “It’ll be a sense of accomplishment. The long journey of being on the road, a couple of days without showers will be over. The satisfaction of accomplishing what we’ set out for. Hopefully by then we’ve raised $100 grand for a good cause.”
Gregory says so far they’ve raised $6,000.