I'm always seeing lists online of "the coolest cities in America" or "the best cities in America" or "the best cities to ... fill in the blank." Every time I see one of these stories, I read it. Sometimes local and regional cities make these lists. Forbes named Quincy one of the "best small places to raise a family" a few years ago. Once, Hannibal was among the "most exciting cities in Missouri." More than one Pike County city ranked among the "safest cities in Illinois." If we were to make a list of The Best Cities in the Tri-States, which city would you vote for?

Quincy, Illinois and Hannibal, Missouri
Kurt Parsons

It's a hard thing to decide. Every place has its own claim to fame, its own special events, and its own unique features. Here at the radio station, we're lucky in that we get to visit just about everywhere and attend most of the cool events that take place around the area.

So how do you choose? Do you vote hometown pride and go with the city you live in? What if you were born in one city, but now live in another? Or what if you are from one city, and your spouse is from another, but now you don't live in either one? Or maybe you live in your hometown, but your job is in another town that you like a whole lot. This could go on forever. Decisions, decisions ...

We have listed below the area cities that have a population of at least 2,500, but that doesn't mean you can't vote for any of the smaller towns in the write-in section.

Which city is your favorite? What are the Best Cities in the Tri-States?

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