If you want to get "high" but you don't like smoking marijuana then you should try these new THC-infused Beers that are for sale now in parts of the Land of Lincoln. Do you think these "weed beers" are a good idea? Here are the details...

According to Axios Chicago, there is a liquor store in Chicago that is selling these new THC-infused beers, if you don't know, THC is the active ingredient in marijuana, so ideally drinking these beers would get you feeling like you just ate a weed gummy or smoked weed.

The article goes on to mention how this is already happening in other places in America like Minnesota, and the six-pack of WYNK, the THC Seltzer, sells for about $20 and the cans are 7.5 oz, not the traditional 12 oz.  Other sources also point to breweries in the state brewing these new THC beverages, to read more about those, click here!

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Do you think this is a good idea?

My initial thought was to push back against allowing THC drinks, but what is the difference between drinking weed and eating weed? If you are allowed to eat edibles why not drink them? My concern would be accidentally buying these drinks instead of beer, so please if you are a liquor store and choose to sell THC beverages just make sure you label them appropriately so people don't get confused and end up buying the wrong thing and getting messed up. Would you try one of these beverages?


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