The future is now...Lawmakers in Illinois are looking to pass a bill that would prevent companies from putting chips in their employees, here are the details you need to know...

Here is a rare instance where I believe making a new law in Illinois is a good thing. According to, lawmakers in Illinois are looking to pass a law that would make it illegal for companies to put microchips in their employees.

While this may seem like a "no-brainer" why would I let my work put a microchip in me? The article mentions how in Sweden this is becoming a regular practice with thousands of employees being microchipped.

Now this proposed law would allow for employees to voluntarily get chipped by their employer, but it would make it illegal for the companies to require chipping, for more details on the story, click here! 

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Please, pass this law!

I don't normally support our government creating MORE laws, but in this case I 1000000% support this new law! If you want to get chipped by your employer go ahead and be my guest, but it should never be a requirement for any human being to be chipped for any reason. I can confidently say, there is no situation I can think of that I would be PRO being chipped for. IF (and it's a big IF) later in my life I have a health issue that can be solved with a chip, I'll cross that road when I get there, but the government and my employer will never get a chip in me. Do you think you'll be chipped one day?

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