Quincy Notre Dame

Reward Offered in Quincy Bomb Threat
A reward is being offered for information on a recent bomb threat in Quincy. Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers is offering a $300 reward for information leading to an arrest in a bomb threat at Quincy Notre Dame High School.
Blue Devils Versus Raiders [Vote]
There have been some pretty big football games over the past few seasons. In 2012 Quincy made a visit to Hannibal. That was a crazy night. There crowd was huge. The weather was terrible. Everyone got soaked, but they saw a great game. Quincy Notre Dame and Hannibal had played one another up until th…
2015 Everybody Wins Mega Raffle Winners!
The 2015 Mega Raffle conclusion was held Saturday at the Knights of Columbus In Quincy. The top three prizes were a $10,000 third prize, the second prize winner got a new Chevy Camaro or Kia Sorento, and the first place prize was $100,000!

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