As I look into the mirror, perhaps I'm not the one who should be judging what's ugly and what's not. That's why I'll defer to a new national ranking that declared the ugliest cities in America and one Missouri place is at the top of the list described as "an ugly wasteland".

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Can I agree without agreeing? My point is I understand where the website Travel A Lot is coming from. To their credit, instead of just giving their own writer's opinion, they've done some digging and came up with this "ugliest cities in America list" from what they describe as "reviews by local residents on sites like Niche and Reddit". 

What Missouri place is the ugliest in America?

Take a bow, you win St. Louis. (or is that lost?)

I think it's one of the locals description of the St. Louis area as "an ugly wasteland" that strikes me the most. It brings to mind the real radioactive waste that was found in the area a few years ago.

The other mention in St. Louis, Missouri being called out as one of the ugliest cities in America is the idea of 'annexing East St. Louis'. "No" and "thanks" is what I have to say to that idea. Last time I (involuntarily) drove through East St. Louis, there were buildings smoldering (really) from fires set the night before.

I guess that really does sound and look like a Missouri wasteland after all. Sad.

But, hey, at least I can look forward to the Cardinals baseball season soon, right?

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