This is one of the more prestigious awards you can get as a restaurant. Esquire just ranked the top 50 restaurants in America and one sushi place in St. Louis made the list.

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You'll see 49 other restaurants in the new Esquire Top 50 restaurants list including many very prolific ones on both coasts including Los Angeles, California and New York City. There's only one from Missouri that made this prestigious national list and it's in the middle of St. Louis.

The chef of this place is well-known all on his own. As a matter of fact, Nick Bognar was Esquire's 2020 best new chef. Really no surprise then that his newest sushi restaurant Sado is among the top 50 restaurants in America now.

Why did Sado in St. Louis get this praise from Esquire?

Esquire said "the diner-thick menu is the brilliant confluence of his Thai and Japanese background". If you look at Sado's menu, it's an exotic assortment of interesting choices. Not many places in Missouri offer Octopus Yaki.

What's interesting to me about Sado is it's located on The Hill in St. Louis which I normally associate with great Italian food. Looks like the international cuisine in that part of St. Louis is growing.

It's quite an achievement for a Midwestern eatery to get a national shout out from Esquire. Looks like if you crave Thai and/or Japanese cuisine, a road trip to the Gateway City is in order. Just make sure to get your reservation made first.

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