It is spring time. That is when people throw out what they don't need anymore. We want everything to look good and clean. Same thing for the roadways. Spring is when the Adopt-A-Highway program begins to take off.

MoDOT, Flickr

Many volunteers take to the road to clean up the trash. So MoDot invites those that pick up the litter to enter the "Show Me" your trash contest. The contest will run through the month of April, and MoDOT is asking groups, individuals and families to go online and tell MoDOT what the most interesting or unusual item was that they found when picking up litter.

At the end of the month, three finalist will be chosen, and then we, the people, will vote on the winner. Finalist will be placed on the MoDOT web site where you can vote. The winner will be announced in early May. You could win many MoDot goodies.

To submit your entries, visit the MoDOT web site.