It's a little sad that people need to be rewarded just for doing what they should be doing already. But, as distracted driving becomes more of a life and death problem, it's a good thing that a new app rewards people for not messing with their phone when they're behind the wheel.

The app is called "This App Saves Lives". It was developed by Ryan VanDuzer. Here's how Ryan describes his app in the Apple App Store:

Did you know that every day 10 people die in car accidents due to phone use while driving? This App Saves Lives is the world’s first mobile app that rewards you with top-tier gift cards, discounts and free products and services from leading brands by simply avoiding mobile phone use and focusing on driving.

The app detects when you're driving and rewards you for inactivity on your phone automatically. Here's what it looks like in the App Store:

Apple App Store
Apple App Store

You can redeem the points you're given for gifts from brands that Ryan has worked out deals with.

Ryan explained how he was injured by a distracted driver while riding his bike which inspired this new app.

MODOT shared the following scary statistics about the increased dangers and casualties of distracted driving:

Over the past five years, cell phone related crashes in Missouri have increased by 30%, with nearly 2,500 crashes in 2019.

As a part of the ongoing "Drive Means Drive" campaign, MODOT's "Phone Down Day" is October 22, 2021. It's an encouragement to do the right thing and focus only on the road while driving. That good deed and daily responsibility saves lives. Maybe your own.


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