If you value your vehicle's exterior, you might want to park it under something Tuesday evening if you live in Missouri or Illinois. Both states are in the danger zone for explosive thunderstorm development that could include big hail and damaging wind Tuesday evening.

The National Weather Service out of St. Louis, Missouri shared this explanatory graphic about what much of Missouri and Illinois can expect Tuesday early evening into later Tuesday night.

NWS St. Louis, Missouri
NWS St. Louis, Missouri

As you can see from the graphic, northeast Missouri especially is in what the National Weather Service refers to as an enhanced chance of severe storm risk. The most likely result will be strong thunderstorms which will include at least some hail and very strong winds. They mention that a "few weak tornadoes" are also a possibility for Missouri and Illinois in these storms.

It's worth noting that their forecast for the rest of the holiday week mentions an increasing chance of thunderstorms in Missouri and Illinois as we get closer to the 4th of July. It's possible that nature could provide its own fireworks for America's birthday.

Make sure to check out the updated forecasts for Tuesday and the rest of 4th of July week at the National Weather Service in St. Louis official site.

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