Recent indictments by a federal grand jury result in seven mostly drug-related arrests in Adams County Wednesday.

Taken into custody were 51 year old Charmaine Runnels, 41 year old Kari Beach, 20 year old Helen Horton, 36 year old Roxanne Hasting, 54 year old Lloyd Lane, 26 year old April Neuman and 37 year old Stella Shake.

Hasting, Lane and Neuman are charged with possession of meth, Runnels and Horton for possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver, Beach for possession of meth precursors and Shake for failure to appear for aggravated battery and retail theft.

Law enforcement agencies taking part in the roundup included the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, West Central Illinois Drug Task Force, Meth Response Team, Quincy Police and the U.S. Marshal’s Office.