I'm not a sales person or a real estate maverick. That being said, I've found what I believe to be a very interesting tin building in Missouri that just happens to be available now if you are quite partial to seeing deer.

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Outcast Land just shared this new video on YouTube. It's a deer stand that's situated in the middle of 400+ acres of Missouri land that an owner is apparently selling. They captured this sweet video with a drone showing the stand itself and also the glade it is across from that is frequented by deer often they say.

Kudos to these guys for their drone work. It's not an easy task to be able to zoom in on a small sign on the side of a deer stand like they did. Well done.

Outcast Land via YouTube
Outcast Land via YouTube

According to their official website, this 400+ acres of land straddles the southern part of Webster County in Missouri and the northern part of Douglas County. That's southern Missouri land where there isn't a lot of civilization around - and I mean that as a good thing.

From what I can tell, the current full price for this land (including Tin Can stand) is $974,500 according to their website. Again, I'm not a real estate agent (or an expert on anything for that matter), so not recommending for or against this place. All I know is I love that part of Missouri and being out in the wild with the deer sounds pretty good to me right now.

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