Missouri's deer season just ended a few days ago and the state is reporting that the total harvested shattered an 18-year-old record.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation announced in a press release today that the totals for the 2023/2024 deer season are in and the total taken is stunning. They say its "a preliminary record-setting total deer harvest for the season of 326,026".

The previous record for deer harvested in Missouri was 325,457 which happened back in 2006.

What was the breakdown for deer harvested in Missouri this season?

The Missouri Department of Conservation said:

147,705 were antlered bucks, 29,060 were button bucks, and 149,261 were does

The top Missouri counties for deer taken this season were Franklin, Howell and Texas.

Deer have been quite a topic recently as country music superstar Morgan Wallen bagged a buck in Iowa.

The Missouri deer harvest record was partly attributed to the chronic waste disease firearms portion of the season that was added last year. Still, over 326,000 deer in one season is quite an accomplishment.

The state of Missouri keeps accurate records for the current and past hunting seasons of all types that you can check out at their official website.

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