You shouldn't drive on Missouri's scariest bridge. For most now, it's impossible anyway. But did you know this span that's known in the state as the most feared features a completely bizarre 30 degree turn in the middle and it was featured in a cult classic movie?

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There was a moment in 1981 Kurt Russell movie when a Missouri bridge became a star. The movie was "Escape from New York", but the bridge wasn't from New York. It was a historic span in Missouri that is now considered the scariest in the state.

The Missouri bridge featured is the Chain of Rocks Bridge that spans the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis, Missouri. It was built in 1929 and features one of the strangest turns you'll ever see on a span like this with a change in direction of 30 degrees.

volvo945 via YouTube
volvo945 via YouTube

The Chain of Rocks Bridge was named the scariest in Missouri by A-Z Animals. It was built in 1929 and as Wikipedia documents was closed to vehicle traffic way back in 1974. Or, at least to most vehicles as a YouTube channel mentions:

Once per year the IL Route 66 Association hosts a drive across the old bridge

Never underestimate the Route 66 fans from convincing the state to allow a retro car trip over the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

The total length of this Missouri bridge is 5,353 feet and there's only one guarantee and that's the fact that you'll never see one like it ever built again.

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