Monday morning, drivers in some northeast Missouri counties will want to take it slow on their commute as roads may still have sections of ice on them.  "There are still sections covered on U.S. 24, 36 and 61 in the Palmyra and Hannibal area, including ramps and interchanges, and all minor roads are mostly covered," said MoDOT Northeast District Engineer Paula Gough.  Gough especially asks drivers to know that while they may think they are seeing clear pavement, it is probably pavement showing through ice.  "We experienced snow, sleet, ½" ice and then more snow in these areas," she explained.  "We've had our crews out all weekend, and it's been a tough battle with Mother Nature," she added.  Salt, sand, chemical, limestone chips, and mixtures of these have been applied to major roads, as well as minor roads at intersections, hills and curves.

Smaller roads in the Schuyler, Scotland, Clark and Knox Counties are partly snow covered.  Roads in Lewis are partly snow and ice covered.