Information apparently leaked to the St. Louis media indicates the St. Louis Rams want a retractable roof on the Edward Jones Dome.  Fox2Now television in St. Louis is reporting that and saying that Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster will be releasing details of the Rams counter proposal following a Freedom Of Information Act request.

As someone who grew up as a St. Louis football Cardinal fan from the late 60’s until they moved to Arizona prior to the 1988 season, this is an uncomfortable time.  Some of this stuff sounds familiar. Big Red owner Bill Bidwill wanted and needed a better football facility. The Rams want a better football facility. In the 1980’s,  St. Louis business and political leaders wasted a lot of time with pouting, whining and finger pointing. We’ll see if anyone has learned from the foolishness of the 80’s. How about some hard, creative work for a change? Get it done. If the NFL leaves St. Louis again, they will not be back.

The Ed has undergone a recent round of relatively minor improvements.  The sightlines are good. The location is excellent. My beef is with the roof, but going to a retractable roof may be prohibitively expensive.

I’m not sure that this is the best time to be trying to put together a long term deal. Too many things that affect this can change in the next six months.  The prudent move is to see what happens in the real world and on the field over the next year.