(LOUISIANA)—A settlement is reportedly reached in a civil lawsuit filed by the family of a  man who was shot by police in Louisiana Missouri.   A lawyer for the family of Timothy Chrisman says the city did not admit guilt or liability, but had agreed to pay 400 thousand dollars to the family of Chrisman. The 39-year-old Vandalia man died after a high-speed chase through Louisiana the  night of Oct. 30, 2010. Missouri Highway Patrol reports say Louisiana officers Jody Blaylock and Bryan Richardson fired on Chrisman’s pickup after the vehicle struck one of the officers. The family disputed the report.  A Missouri attorney general’s investigation cleared the officers of any criminal wrongdoing, but the Chrisman family filed the suit in federal court, claiming excessive use of force and wrongful death.
The city’s insurance is expected to cover the cost. Ferman said the 400 thousand dollars will be put in a trust for Chrisman’s two young children.
Blaylock is still with the Louisiana Police Department, but Richardson is not.

The settlement was worked out during a daylong session between the city and the family with retired federal judge and mediator Stephen Limbaugh. It means the case will not go to trial, which Ferman said would have been a “nightmare” for the family.