We recently had a chance to interview Larry Toolate, better known around Quincy as the "Dancing Man." Not only is he well-known around the area - just about everyone has come across him showing off his moves in the mall, or going down the street - but he's also pretty famous on YouTube. Here are some of the best Dancing Man YouTube videos!

1. Second StringMusic shot some video of the Dancing Man in Washington Park, and also added a nice soundtrack.

2. YouTube user xJedi0fTruthx shot and edited this lengthy video. We really appreciate his efforts in telling the story of the Dancing Man. There are a lot of cool shots and effects in this one, and another great soundtrack.

3. MrNickstegeman caught the Dancing Man at 36th and Broadway, a popular place to see Mr. Toolate do his thing. We really appreciate that MrNickstegeman was listening to one of our radio stations while shooting the video :)

4. We've featured this video from YouTuber Emily Hart before. Good, up close footage, but a correction to the young lady speaking in the background: Dancing Man doesn't have an iPod, it's a Sony Walkman.

In addition to our interview with the Dancing Man, we also highly recommend this piece from KHQA. It's a couple years old, but well worth checking out.