It’s a fresh start for college summer league baseball in Hannibal in 2018. Prospect League Commissioner Dennis Bastien emphasizes this is a new start. "As many of you know, there some situations and some issues that cropped up after the 2016 season. That was addressed by the league. That was addressed by the ownership group. So, we feel the ship has been righted. We feel the things are rolling." Bastien said. At Tuesday's news conference Bastien also credited the Quincy Gems and owner Jimmy Louthan and his assistant Deron Johnson with being very instrumental in working with the new organization in guiding and consulting with them.

New Hannibal General Manager Matt Stembridge has ten years experience in college baseball.  "You get good people and you do it the right way and wins will be the result of that. Give me high character people even if they are less talented. We will get more out of them. That is something I hope you can visually take away from the ballpark. You do it the right way and surround yourself with good people and resources, this team will be something you guys can be proud of." Stembridge said.

Rick DeStefani is now the full owner of the Hannibal Prospect League team. The selection of a new name for the team is getting started. Your input will be sought for a name for the Hannibal team. Hannibal's previous franchise, the Cavemen operated from 2009 until they suspended operations in January of this year.

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