Marion County Commissioners plan four public hearings concerning the April 8 election ballot issue called Proposition R for better roads in Marion County.Presiding Commissioner Lyndon Bode encourages anyone interested in learning more about Proposition R or who has any questions about Proposition R to attend one of the public hearings

Proposition R states  -  Shall the county of Marion impose a countywide sales tax at a rate of one-fourth of one percent for the purpose of County Road Improvements?"

Proceeds would be used to upgrade and maintain County Roads within Marion County.

If passed this would mean that for every four dollars of taxable purchases you would pay one cent more for the road improvements in Marion County.

Bode says that if passed, the funds generated would be placed in their own account and used for upgrading and maintaining county roads. Uses would include switching the 390 miles of river rock gravel roads to white rock gravel roads, 70 miles of county blacktop roads would be set-up on a resurfacing schedule and  funds would be used for various ongoing road improvements all across Marion County.

The four public hearings will be held-
6:30 Monday evening - March 10th at the Monroe City Senior Nutrition Center
6:30 Monday evening – March 17th at the Philadelphia Community Center
6:30 Monday evening – March 24th at the Courthouse in Palmyra
6:30 Monday evening – March 31st at the Courthouse in Hannibal