This isn't regular old bass fishing...Be prepared to bag a 100+ pound "dinosaur fish" if you are hitting certain waterways in Missouri this Spring, here are the details...

According to the experts at, the Spring is the best time of the year to catch a fish that can only be described as a "dinosaur" the elusive Paddlefish. If you don't know what a Paddlefish is, check out this YouTube video below...

That fish was the record at the time it was caught in Missouri, but the video description says there was a bigger one caught more recently.

In the article from, they say..."The Missouri state record is 140 pounds, 10 ounces, caught at Lake of the Ozarks in 2022...The Missouri paddlefish season annually opens March 15 and runs through April 30 for most of the major fisheries." For more information on everything Paddle Fish, click here!

Can you imagine

Can you IMAGINE one of those 140-pound Paddlefish swimming by you as you are enjoying your time on the lake this spring? They truly are otherworldly... Wikipedia says " Paddlefish have been referred to as "primitive fish" because the Acipenseriformes are among the earliest diverging lineages of ray-finned fish, having diverged from all other living groups over 300 million years ago. Paddlefish are almost exclusively North American and Chinese, both extant and in the fossil record." These things truly are dinosaurs, they have been living in the waterways for hundreds of millions of years. I would love to be alongside someone when they catch one of these things to see it in person, from the safety of a very (very being the key word) large boat.

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