Illinois is not in good shape for the future if only one of the cities in the state makes the top 100 in the list for "Best Cities for Millennials" list.

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Get our free mobile app put together a list of the Best Cities for Millennials for this year, and it is pretty telling how bad of shape the Land of Lincoln is in if only one of our cities made the top 100 of this list. According to the list from, only Chicago deserves to be in the top 100 of the cities millennials should consider moving to, and it ranks very low on the list coming in at spot number 76 with a C- score. As for what cities rank the best for millennials according to well they have Durham, NC ranked number one followed by Pittsburgh, Nashville, Des Moines, and Charlotte rounding out the top five. I'm not surprised by any of those choices, they are all growing midsized American cities that have tech focuses, and are more affordable than places like Chicago. To see the full list for yourself click here! 

The site says they rank the cities based on criteria like jobs, commutes, public transport, how many other millennials are living there already, post-work/weekend scene, and most importantly how far can your paycheck get you in that city. And if those are the criteria (I personally as a millennial think that is some great criteria for what is important to us) I'm not shocked at all Chicago is so low, and no other cities in Illinois make the list. Illinois needs to find a way to let some of their midsized cities have growth potential like Durham, NC, cities like Springfield, Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, Campaign-Urbana, all have the structure to be like a Durham but the state has to find a way to help them thrive in these categories that will attract millennials, and bring young people, and new jobs to Illinois.

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