A pop star decided to hand out "the morning after pill" during her concert, and lawmakers in the Show-Me State aren't happy. Will Missouri ban her from performing in the state again?

According to the BBC, pop star Olivia Rodrigo, who has hit songs like Vampire, All American Bitch, and Deja Vu, was performing a concert in St. Louis and decided that during the performance the concertgoers could grab contraceptives and plan B (aka the morning after pill), during the show.

Why is this a big deal? Well, Missouri has some of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the United States, and according to the article certain lawmakers in Missouri have already taken to their social media pages to express their disgust. The article goes on to mention how this is technically the first time the pop star has made a public stance on her feelings about abortion rights. To read more about Olivia Rodrigo's controversial concert in St. Louis, click here!

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Ban her from Missouri?

Personally, I wouldn't support banning her from performing in Missouri, but would it shock me if Missouri lawmakers attempted to ban her? No. Why would I not ban her? She didn't do anything "illegal" and while she clearly was trying to make a political statement, that's what artists do! For decades artists from Elvis to Dolly Parton, from Johnny Cash to Loretta Lynn, have made political statements. I think it is silly for her to ostracize her fans who do support strong abortion laws, but she has to live with those choices. Would you ban her from performing in Missouri?

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